Jenny Reeves

Every project is an opportunity to shape an idea. I help clients focus their vision and come up with a strategy to bring their idea to life.

I strive to bring back the simplicity and balance into digital experience creation. Clients are often overwhelmed with buzzwords, trends, and sales pitches thrown at them left and right. This is totally paralyzing and many clients end up never launching their great ideas. I believe in focus and simplicity; an idea should be focused and achieving the idea should be simple. I am passionate about helping my clients do just that!

Efficiency, transparency, and flexibility are my guiding principles.


  • I need a whole team for my large scale project, not just one person. How can you help me with that? In my years of experience in the digital industry I have gained valuable relationships with many designers, developers and firms. When necessary, I partner with outside resources to make your project a success.
  • Do you charge a flat fee or do you bill hourly? I charge an hourly rate, before works begins I provide an accurate estimate of hours.
  • Can you come in to our offices for a face to face meeting? I can meet in person in the Washington DC Metro area, and arrange for travel outside of my immediate area on an as-need basis. In addition, I make myself available to meet over Skype and Google Hangout.
  • We have an in-house team and we just need some help with overflow work, do you handle that type of stuff? Yes. I am very collaborative. I strive to find opportunities for efficiency within teams, and work to integrate UX into the product lifecycle effectively.
  • What does “Steady State” mean? Google defines Steady State as: “an unvarying condition in a physical process, especially as in the theory that the universe is eternal and maintained by constant creation of matter.”