Consulting Services

My workshops are designed to yield actionable results. Before a workshop begins I define a clear goal for each activity, from a design direction to content strategy; we will collaborate on the most meaningful outcome. We won't just get together in a room to see how many stickies we can stick to a wall, instead - I'll plan a unique workshop specific for your project. I have some general guidelines and types of activities to choose from so we can hit the ground running.

You’ve got some great ideas, but perhaps too many great ideas? I guide groups toward a focused message that resonates with users. We will collaborate on how to bring the central message to the forefront while still delivering other messages along the way.

There is no reason a project should fail. Short timeline? You can still be on time. Short on people? You can still deliver a high quality product, and on, and on.

I help you identify the weak links in your project and come up with a strategy to overcome obstacles.

Have everything ready to go but need a solid plan? My Experience Planning Workshop will yield a carefully crafted project plan for you and your team.

Consulting Beyond the Workshop

A focused workshop at the start of a project is a good way to lay the foundation for success. However, once a project begins things often begin to shift and adjust. To keep things on track, I can stay with your team as a consultant throughout the project and see it through to succees.

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